Timetrial League Standings for 2020

Quarterly Prizes

 First Quarter Winner (Jan-Mar)  R200 
 Second Quarter Winner (Apr-Jun)  R200 
 Third Quarter Winner (Jul-Oct)  R200 
 Fourth Quarter Winner (Nov-Dec)  R200 

Annual Prizes

 Winner  R400 
 Second Place  R250 
 Third Place  R150 

Please Note : Only club members are eligible for prizes. Members are in red; non-members are in black.

If you are a member but do not appear here in red, please contact a committee member.

January  2020

Craig Inggs8
David Lamont5
Johnson Dayal3
Craig Fowels3
Garth Hancock3
Wayne Chapman3
Neil Cox3
Debbie Chaperon2
Keenan Clothier2
Sharon Gilchrist2
Steve Conway2
Daniel Couzens2
Jessica Chapman2
Leona Lamont2
Fred Schoon2
Odette Wheeler2
Sandy Byleveld1
Karen Inggs1
John Korb1
Sandra Conway1
Shane Govender1
Sihle Langa1
Shane McFarthing1
Blessing Mhlongo1
Theolin Moodley1
Emmanuel Ntombela1
Pam Rasmussen1
Hannah Chapman1
Craig Holtzhausen1


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