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Timetrial League : Top 5 Standings for 2019

Quarter 1
1James Mthembu 24 points
2Craig Fowels 17 points
3Wayne Chapman 12 points
4Garth Hancock 11 points
5Fred Schoon 8 points
Quarter 2
1Sihle Langa 18 points
2Craig Fowels 13 points
3Sandy Byleveld 9 points
4James Mthembu 9 points
5Wayne Chapman 8 points
Quarter 3
1Craig Fowels 54 points
2James Mthembu 19 points
3Sihle Langa 11 points
4Wayne Chapman 11 points
5Garth Hancock 9 points
Quarter 4
1Wayne Chapman 13 points
2Sihle Langa 11 points
3Craig Fowels 10 points
4Sandy Byleveld 9 points
5Garth Hancock 7 points
Annual Scores
1Craig Fowels 94 points
2James Mthembu 59 points
3Sihle Langa 44 points
4Wayne Chapman 44 points
5Garth Hancock 33 points
** Please note : Runners must have participated in at least 20 events in the year to qualify for an annual prize.

Members Ladder : 4km Run
From : 01 JAN 2019 to 31 DEC 2019

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Sihle Langa 13:26
James Mthembu 15:26
Sydney Khuzwayo 16:26
Craig Fowels 17:54
Garth Hancock 18:10
Warren Lester 19:35
JP Wessels 20:16
Jennifer Sutton 20:27
Martin Birtwhistle 20:44
Neil Jonker 22:03
Wayne Chapman 22:21
Christopher Buthelezi 23:05
Steve Conway 23:09
Fred Schoon 23:50
Dowan Burton 24:29
Damon Schoon 24:35
Sandra Conway 28:47

Members Ladder : 8km Run
From : 01 JAN 2019 to 31 DEC 2019

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Sihle Langa 27:00
James Mthembu 31:26
Sydney Khuzwayo 35:41
Kalman Porritt 38:52
Mike Sutton 39:00
Jennifer Sutton 39:01
Garth Hancock 39:17
Warren Lester 41:02
Wayne Chapman 50:10

Members Ladder : 2.5km Run
From : 01 JAN 2019 to 31 DEC 2019

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Sihle Langa 08:11
James Mthembu 09:08
Craig Fowels 10:46
JP Wessels 11:03
Garth Hancock 11:28
Mike Sutton 11:54
Jennifer Sutton 11:54
Martin Birtwhistle 12:46
Emmanuel Ntombela 13:01
Damon Schoon 13:21
Wayne Chapman 13:29
Steve Conway 14:05
Fred Schoon 14:39
Dowan Burton 16:04
Jamie-Lee Burton 16:04
Sandra Conway 16:24
Sandy Byleveld 17:31
JP Sharrock 17:46
Timothy Magawana 18:48


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