Yellowwood Park    31 Jan 2001    8km Run

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Name Time PB?
Timothy Dubery 29:48 
Mike Sutton 31:11 
Pierre Nebbe 31:57 
Gary Lester 32:33 
Robert Edouard Betsy 32:57 
Peter Kemp 33:39 
Kalman Porritt 34:07 
Brad Haynes 34:15 
David Sishi 34:46 
Ian Ferguson 35:18 
Glen Ingle 35:26 
Mike Thackray 36:27 
Gerard Oats 37:16 
Dennis Houston-Mcmillan 37:58PB (6)
Alan Baker 38:10 
Anthony Sassen 38:28 
Steve Conway 39:08 
Manie Genis 41:58 
Kenny Pittaway 41:58PB (3)
Gordon Lauderdale 42:57 
Gail Slaughter 42:59 
Dave Pittaway 45:05PB (3)
Gail Worthington 46:00PB (3)
Danie Jacobs 46:52 
Tracey Mcfarthing 47:38PB (6)
Francois De Villiers 47:38 
Derek Jarman 47:47 
Dennis Vincent 47:47 

The bracketted value next to PB represents the number of runs up to this date.

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