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JP Wessels 11:22   06 Feb 2019  
Jennifer Sutton 11:54   30 Jan 2019  
Mike Sutton 11:54   30 Jan 2019  
Garth Hancock 12:02   23 Jan 2019  
Martin Birtwhistle 12:46   06 Feb 2019  
Emmanuel Ntombela 13:01   13 Mar 2019  
Damon Schoon 14:15   13 Mar 2019  
Steve Conway 14:15   13 Mar 2019  
Wayne Chapman 14:23   27 Feb 2019  
Fred Schoon 14:39   17 Apr 2019  
Sandy Byleveld 17:31   03 Apr 2019  
JP Sharrock 17:46   06 Mar 2019  
Sandra Conway 17:48   30 Jan 2019  
Timothy Magawana 18:48   06 Mar 2019  
Jamie-Lee Burton 18:55   27 Feb 2019  

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